Angel Billabong Nusa Penida, This pond is a natural sea water that is
between the cliffs. With the waves coming from the ocean. The color of
the pool is very unique. Green, blue, yellow emanated from underwater.
Try swimming in this pool, make your holiday more enjoyable. This is
different from other tourist attractions. Prepare your camera and your
swimsuit. It is advisable to be careful, because sharp rocks can make
your feet hurt. If the tide is high, then you can not be in this pool.
But the sight of the gushing water or the blow of water among the rocks
is amazing.

Angel’s Billabong is around 17 km southwest of Toya Pakeh, one
of Nusa Penida’s main harbour towns. The best way to get to this natural
landmark is by rented scooter, which you can find at many rental shops
in the town centre.

not as well known as other tourist attractions in Bali, but Angel
Billabong still offers its entertainment for tourists who visit it. If
you plan to come here, then later you can do some activities such as
enjoying the view of the high seas, bathing in a pool, to taking photos
with a pool or open sea setting.

With its
very clear water conditions, you will be able to see the bottom surface
directly from above and also dive in to be able to see it up close
directly without any disturbance. The water conditions here also have
green and yellow colors due to the coral reefs. Adding a very exotic

But before
you swim, you have to hear the directions from the guides too. Usually,
visitors or tourists who come here will be allowed to come down and
swim when the conditions of the sea are receding. If seawater conditions
are high tide, usually visitors who want to go down or swim will be
prohibited. This is for reasons of safety.

this tourist area has not been overly optimized, all facilities and
services for visitors here are difficult to find. Therefore it is
advisable to prepare or bring food and beverage supplies before coming
here. Anticipation also because the distance is far enough to travel.

go Angel Billabong Nusa Penida tour 3 day 2 night Bali

If you ask
whether this one tourist location is suitable to visit or not, the
answer depends on you. If you bring a family, it looks like this one
tourist spot is not very suitable. Besides only the scenery which is
only a pond and also a cliff, of course not so good for the safety of
children when playing around it.

supervision will certainly be the most important concern of course. Then
from that, the location of the beach and tourist attractions that are
friendly for families is the right choice for you. That way you can also
enjoy a vacation with your family as a whole. Don’t worry, there are so
many interesting family attractions that you can also visit later.

But if you
go here alone, with friends, or with a partner, it seems like it’s
worth visiting. Because the scenery at this one tourist spot offers a
view that is quite different from the scenery at other tourist
attractions in Bali. Especially if you are someone who likes to find
locations or places that are a very good spot for taking pictures, it is
highly recommended to get here.

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