Are you thinking about going to Diamond
Beach Nusa Penida Bali? Well, if you are, we are definitely not going to
stop you. Diamond Beach is definitely a great choice for you to go if
you are thinking about vacationing out in Bali. Feeling the pearly white
sand underneath your toes while enjoying the beautiful sunset and ocean
breeze is really an experience that you cannot get anywhere else in the
world. Are you interested yet? Well, here is what you need to know if
you decide to visit this wonderful paradise

Location of Diamond Beach

thing’s first, you need to know where Diamond Beach is actually located.
Diamond Beach is located on the island of Nusa Penida. Nusa Penida
Island itself is one of the three islands that is located in the
southeast of Bali. This island is one of Bali’s hidden gems because of
how it is filled with many gorgeous beaches that are not overly crowded
with tourists. Because it is an island that is separated from Bali, you
need to get on a boat in order to get there.

While Nusa
Penida Island is located southeast of Bali, Diamond Beach itself is
located on the east side of Nusa Penida Island. This beach is actually
located near two other lovely spots, which are the Atuh Beach and the
Thousand Island Viewpoint, which are also great places to visit. That is
why many tourists also decide to visit those places on the same day
that they are visiting Diamond Beach Nusa Penida Bali.



Booking Nusa penida tour east day

Once you
have arrived at the actual beach, you will be able to enjoy all the
things that this beach has to offer. You can sunbathe while enjoying the
mesmerizing view. You can admire the walls of the cliffs from down
below. You can even stroll around the beach during sunset with your
loved ones. A day spent in Diamond Beach Nusa Penida Bali is definitely a
day well-spent.

If you are
feeling a bit hungry, you do not need to worry. There are several
places on the beach where you can get some food. These places are mostly
small places where you can get some food that is called “warung” in
Indonesia. You will be able to find some water and snacks in those

Beach is one of the most beautiful hidden beaches that you can find in
Bali. It is actually located on Nusa Penida Island, which is one of the
islands that are located southeast to Bali itself. A visit to Diamond
Beach is going to feel like a visit to paradise, where you can enjoy the
breathtaking view of this wonderful beach. So, what are you waiting
for? Go visit Diamond Beach Nusa Penida Bali right away.


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