Manta bay is located in the southwestern part of Nusa Penida, becoming a favorite diving and snorkeling spot if you are on Nusa Penida exploring its marine spacecraft. Because at Manta bay there are Manta fish gangs that are large stingrays reaching 7 meters, but these fish are harmless or have poison.

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You can see these giant creatures not only while a manta snorkeling Nusa Penida tour in the water but from land too! Keep your eyes open while hiking or visiting viewpoints because you can often see mantas surfacing in the sea! The official Manta Viewpoint is on the left side of Broken Beach, the cliffs over Manta Bay. But generally from the viewpoints of the southern coastline you have a chance to spot them. For example, we saw mantas from the cliffs at Kelingking Beach too!

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