Thousand Island (Pulau Seribu) Viewpoint is a spectacular viewpoint with panoramic views of the ocean and the various islands. This scenic point got its name due to the number of small islands and unique rock formations that can be seen in the ocean. It is a one of a kind view that can’t be missed if you’re visiting Nusa Penida. Precisely located in the village Pelilitan, Pujanutan, the more attracted many travelers. The beautiful ocean view and tree house on the cliffs provide satisfaction for lovers of natural beauty.

The view point was worth all the discomfort as a short walk up the hill gives you a panoramic view of the beaches below. The cliff faces just take your breath away. The trek up hill is easy and there is a small hut like view point that gives you enough cover from the sun. That combined with the sea breeze makes the spot a great place to perch for a while.

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