This Tree House is located at an altitude facing directly to Atuh Beach. The location is what makes the Stone Tree House Molenteng an attraction for tourists who want to visit. The existence of the location of this tree house is a bit extreme and challenging that is located on a tree that is not too big but has many branches and trees felled so leaves little leaves. There are neatly laid wooden staircases as well as ropes as a handle to allow visitors to enter the tree house.

The tree house is located around Atuh beach. Precisely in Banjar Pelilit, Village Tanglad, Nusa Penida, Bali. From Buyuk Port about 1 hour to get to this tree house by using transportation like motorcycle and have the same route to go to Atuh Beach. To get to the Tree of the Molenteng Tree House at Atuh beach area, you have to trekking about 15 minutes from the parking lot by passing the jaln and down a simple staircase made from soil and lime.

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